The Death/Thrash Metal band BLOODDAWN was founded in 2000 by

Alexander (drums), Christian U. (guitar) and Philip (vocals)

being motivated to create fast and aggressive Metal without giving a shit on any borders in between metal.
We play what we like to play, nothing more and nothing less!
In spring 2001 Wiebke joined us as a bassist but had to be replaced by Hanni in 2006.
In summer 2004 Christian G. joined BLOODDAWN as a second guitarist
to make the band sound even more powerful.

We've recorded a Mini CD „Kill or be Killed" in 2004 at Soundart Studio Rosslau
( REQUIEM; TRIMONIUM or GRAVEN have also recorded there)
and got a lot of positive response throughout the underground.

Also we are always interested in doing live gigs and we have already played

In spring 2007 BLOODDAWN got an offer by the Polish Extreme Metal label
Mad Lion Records and the band proudly signed the contract.
In late summer 2007 BLOODDAWN entered the Space Sound Studio in Leipzig to record their
debut album "Metallic Warfare".
The result will be released through Mad Lion Records in November
and will contain 11 Songs of pure alcoholic madness,
mixing elements of Death, Thrash and Black Metal.

To celebrate their current release, the band will have a prerelease party on October the 19th
together with PARANOID and INDOLENZ in Oldenburg.
A tour through Germany and Poland will follow in December.

So if you`re into beer and metal, come and join the metallic warfare!!!!


Current Line-Up:


Christian- Guitar


Mario- Bass

Philip- Vox